The aim of the RISEN project is the development of a set of realtime contactless sensors for the optimization of the trace, detection, visualisation, identification and interpretation on site, with a consequent reduction of the time and resources in the laboratory, and for a fast exchange of information among LEAs.

The new proposed approach could be applied to the classical forensic investigations and to disaster sites, e.g. after a terrorist attack. The objectives of the RISEN project will be obtained by:

  • Developing and demonstrating contactless, non-destructive, automated sensors to identify, select and label trace materials;
  • Processing and sending in real-time acquired in-situ data to a 3D Augmented Crime Scene Investigation system to produce an interactive 3D model of the scene with position and labelling of traces and relative results of the on-site analysis.

The recreated 3D model of the scene resorts to augmented reality techniques for sensor data, collected evidence and identified points of interest in order to deliver a realistic and immersive visual environment for investigators, allowing them to conduct highly detailed investigations. The crime scenes, with analytical information from traces, will be digitally frozen to be available at any time for several purposes in the criminal justice system. The identified traces will be digitally marked and inventoried, and a digitalised Chain of Custody will be established in real-time implementing mechanisms that assure data integrity over its lifecycle.

The RISEN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883116.


PARTICLE brings its expertise in software engineering, development of IT solutions for the security market and information exchange mechanisms in mobile environments.

PARTICLE leads the work related with “3DA-CSI system development”, being responsible for sensor data management and security and implementing interface exchange mechanisms with LEA systems (internal and cross-border). PARTICLE also contributes to the RISEN open API and provides mobile tools for investigators.


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