VALKYRIES – Harmonizing Response and Procedures for Emergencies and First-Aid Vehicles deployment

The increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters require policies aimed at tackling these risks through preventive, preparedness, response and recovery actions. Increasing the resilience of infrastructure, ecosystems and society in the EU is an important strand of disaster risk management work. It is from this need that VALKYRIES was born, a project financed by the Ler mais…

Smart and Connected High-Density Sensor Networks

PARTICLE is involved in the deployment of the highest density sensor network dedicated to monitor seismic activity in Portugal. The network will be constituted by hundreds of sensors in the region of Évora. It will monitor strong seismic activity in real-time, allowing the generation of live shake maps. Importantly, the network is expected to: Enhance the knowledge on the characterisation of the seismic activity in the region through high-resolution mapping of clusters and faults; 2) Create an organised database populated with live data from the high-density seismic network; 3) Rapid assess ground shaking movements (e.g., earthquake); 4) Improve geohazard assessments.

The RISEN Project – A Novel Concept for Real-time on-site Forensic Trace Qualification

Authors: Marco Manso PARTICLE SUMMARY Portugal Roberto Chirico ENEA Italy Johannes Peltola VTT Finland Philip Engström Swedish National Forensic Centre Sweden Håkan Larsson Swedish National Forensic Centre Sweden Jimmy Berggren Swedish National Forensic Centre Sweden Abstract Following a chemical or biological attack, the rate at which a forensic investigation proceeds Ler mais…

PARTICLE Publications

PARTICLE has contributed to research communities by actively publishing work related with security, defence and environmental monitoring. In this page it is presented the publications done in the last years.

Next Generation Emergency Response Services

The AWARE Platform is a situational awareness tool for security practitioners, namely law enforcement agents, that provides an intuitive and comprehensive incident/crime management system displaying georeferenced events, associated with multimedia data (photos, videos and text), that clearly identify the incident’s type, severity, location and time, as well as its status (open, closed, waiting for dispatch, dispatch sent). All reported incidents present a trustworthiness factor (verified vs. non-verified) to determine the degree of trust on the information source.

Enhanced Situational Awareness and Secure Ad-hoc Communications

PARTICLE developed a suite of Situations Awareness solutions for private and governmental applications. The solutions are fit for mobile units operating in security and emergency situations. The solution supports mobile devices, wearables (for monitoring activity and health status of professionals) and blue force tracking for enhanced communications and information exchange.

Mobile Presence Detection and Location

PARTICLE provides mobile phone detection capabilities using radio-frequency scanning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces. The system detects most consumer smartphones, tablets, laptops and handsfree devices available on the market.

The information read from each device contains: MAC address, signal strength (RSSI) and the Class of Device (CoD) allowing to differentiate the type of device (e.g., smartphone, handsfree, computer, LAN/network AP).

The coverage area can be modified by changing the power transmission of the radio interfaces, which can reach dozens of meters in reach (even in the presence of walls).