The toxic cloud coming from the landfill fire is threatening densely populated territory of Slovakia, as well as its border area. The plume containing isocyanates is spreading by wind. A large number of victims are reported to the hotline. Several different intervention units must be deployed. Effective communication and harmonized procedures are needed, especially in view of the cross-border threat.

At the 21st and 22nd June 2023, in the city of Stupava, organised by ISEMI, VALKYRIES partners organised and executed Use Case 2, consisting of a cross-border disaster response exercise involving the spread of toxic substances between the borders of Slovakia and Italy.

The event included invited participants from Fire and Rescue Service, Fire Station 4 Bratislava-Dubravka and Rescue Brigade Malacky, Rescue Medical Service Bratislava, Enviro/CBRN Unit of Presidium of Police Force and Control Chemical Laboratory – MoI SR.

The event, organized by ISEMI, provided the opportunity to explore VALKYRIES tools, including PARTICLE Global-COP. Then, the use case was simulated where a fictional spread of toxic substances between the borders of Slovakia and Italy occurred.

During the simulation, several VALKYRIES tools were tested and demonstrated.

The exercise demonstrated applications developed by the VALKYRIES consortium, which included PARTICLE Global Common Operational Picture (COP) and victim information system. PARTICLE also provided the SIGRUN interoperability platform, implemented in VALKYRIES, allowing different tools and solutions to exchange information about the incident.

PARTICLE COP provided the following functions:

  • Overall dashboards for incidents and victims information
  • Overall view of all incidents, assets, staff and victims
  • Incident details, including assigned assets, staff and victims
  • Assets and staff management and tracking
  • Victims management and tracking

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