Cross-border crisis has taken place as a result of an earthquake in the border area between Bulgaria and Greece, causing a series of humanitarian crisis and industrial accidents threatening the lives of the population in the Bulgarian-Greek border area. There is a great number of affected population with a number of victims in the worst affected municipalities. Hundreds of families lost their homes; there is a severely damaged infrastructure, destroyed residential buildings, farm buildings and warehouses. The telephone connection, including the connection of the mobile operators, has been disrupted, which makes communication in the area difficult. A large part of the water supply network in the area of the epicenter of the earthquake was destroyed.

At the 14th June it was executed the earthquake drill at the Bulgarian-Greek border, corresponding to Case 3 of the VALKYRIES project.

The town of Sandansky hosted a three-day event organised by the Bulgarian National Defense University. The morning started with the presentation of the project to participants, followed by the earthquake drill.

The exercise counted with more than 130 participants, which included members of the Bulgarian Fire Service, the Bulgarian Military Medical Academy, cadets from the Bulgarian National Defense University, local authorities in Sandanski, the Bulgarian Police, the Hellenic Rescue Team, the Helenic Fire Service, the Hellenic Emergency Medical Service and the Bulgarian Police Academy (firefighters).

After receiving training on the Valkyries tools, participants were able to use the technologies in a recreated incident, comparing results against current technologies and practices.

During the exercise, the interoperability of the tools developed by the consortium partners was tested with SIGRUN, the reference integration developed under the Valkyries H2020 project. This framework improves the synchronization of the information between the coordination centers from both countries and represents a real-time view of the fire and the accident, facilitating decision making in cross border situations.

The exercise demonstrated applications developed by the VALKYRIES consortium, which included PARTICLE AWARE Common Operational Picture. PARTICLE also provided the SIGRUN interoperability platform, implemented in VALKYRIES, allowing different tools and solutions to exchange information about the incident.

PARTICLE COP provided the following functions:

  • Overall dashboards for incidents and victims information
  • Overall view of all incidents, assets, staff and victims
  • Incident details, including assigned assets, staff and victims
  • Assets and staff management and tracking
  • Victims management and tracking

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