Coordinated by PARTICLE and co-authored with ARATOS, INDRA, SUMMA, TASSICA and University of Murcia, a VALKYRIES article was presented at the international conference ALLSENSORS 2023, held between April 24 and April 28, 2023 in Venice, Italy.

A cross-border multiple casualty incident (MCI) affects a large number of persons requiring urgent medical assistance by authorities and warrants significant international coordination. This work addresses the technical challenge of building a cross-border multi-agency coalition as a federated system supporting international coordination, while delivering the required assistance to the victims. Using as basis a reference MCI cross-border scenario, an overarching architecture is defined, the VALKYRIES architecture, including the rules, protocols and data models that enable integration of heterogeneous entities, being those services, applications or sensors. By implementing the VALKYRIES architecture, organisations become ready to participate in a federated collaborative environment, exchange MCI-related information and achieve high-levels of shared situational awareness, thus contributing towards a better employment of resources and improving the mission’s effectiveness and efficiency.

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