At May 4th, the first of the four Valkyries H2020 use cases took place on the border between Valencia de Alcántara, in Cáceres, and Marvao, in Portugal.

More than 400 participants, including the project team, UME, Autoridade Nacional de Emergência e Proteção Civil, Servicio Extremeño de Salud, Red Cross and Firefighters, took part in a large fire drill under the framework of the European project Valkyries H2020, led by Indra.

During the exercise, the interoperability of the tools developed by the consortium partners was tested with SIGRUN, the reference integration developed under the Valkyries H2020 project. This framework improves the synchronization of the information between the coordination centers from both countries and represents a real-time view of the fire and the accident, facilitating decision making in cross border situations.

The exercise demonstrated applications developed by the VALKYRIES consortium, which included:

  • PARTICLE AWARE Common Operational Picture and Digital Triage
  • Triage App jointly developed by Tassica and PARTICLE
The VALKYRIES Consortium participants in IC1

Stay tunned for the next use cases:

  • UC#2 – Cross-border response to the disaster containing the spreading of toxic substances (Slovakia-Italy)
  • UC#3 – Cross-border crisis due to an earthquake (Bulgaria-Greece)
  • UC#4 – Rescue operations and oil spill collection in international waters (Norway-Netherlands-Denmark)

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