The second integration test of the VALKYRIES System ( was conducted on April 12th, at SUMMA112 facilities, involving participants from Indra, PARTICLE SUMMARY, TASSICA and SUMMA112, as well as more than 30 healthcare students from the Instituto de Formacion en Seguridad y Emergencias (IFISE).

The test unfolded in a demo-style mode, allowing the validation of the VALKRIES equipment, training and tactical coordination procedures involving first aid vehicles and personnel as triage resources in a multiple victim incident. Indra’s iSafety provided the integration of the triage resources, PARTICLE’s AWARE System delivered the inicident’s common operational picture and the tracking of victims and first aid personnel and TASSICA’s triage mobile application showcased the efficiency of a fully digital triage process. Overall, the integration test of the VALKYRIES System was a success and clearly highlighted advanced breakthroughs in the delivery of medical assistance to victims in large-scale disasters.

SUMMA personnel performing triage on-site. The process was performed both using their traditional method and the digital triage (via the Triage App)

A command and control station was deployed on-site, providing a set of computers, a 4G network and a TV screen to display the visual outputs of the VALKYRIES SIGRUN (interoperability framework), the PARTICLE AWARE COP dashboard and victim triage system, the Indra iSafety Command and Control platform and the TASSICA Triage App, jointly created by TASSICA and PARTICLE.

PARTICLE AWARE displaying the results of the triage. Top left: statistical data on victims triage and victims list; Top right: victims triage in map; Bottom: victims list with triage information, transport and destination.

Designed for responders, the triage App was used to track the responders’ location, perform triage on-site and send victim information to the Command post in a much faster and more efficient process than the traditional one. Indeed, the test included the combination of a traditional triage process (pen and paper) and a digital triage process using mobile devices, so that the added-value of the digital process would be fully capured.

Carmen Martin from TASSICA performing the second level triage using the App
Triage App snapshots. First: map view; Second: created incident; Third: triage status at an early stage; Fourth: triage status at a late stage.

By using the triage App, collected vicim information was immediately shared with the AWARE and iSafety systems at the Command post, without the need to use audio communications (which is largely prone to errors).

Decision-makers could thus follow the incident coordination and management in real-time, including the tracking of victims and first aid vehicles, the assignment of ambulances and destination hospitals to victims and the following of victims hand-out to destination hospitals.

Victims transportation and tracking: “Ambulance 6” was used to transport victim “summa-1780” to “Hospital Ramon y Cajal”

All tools were integrated into SIGRUN, i.e., the VALKYRIES Interoperability Framework, based on PARTICLE’s AWARE COP System, allowing the incident commander to easily coordinate the response effort to the multiple vicim disaster.

Marco Manso from PARTICLE showing AWARE to SUMMA personnel. The system was deployed locally on-site, allowing decision-makers to follow the triage process.

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