On 28th March, #VALKYRIES (https://valkyries-h2020.eu) partners, including Indra, SUMMA112, TASSICA EMERGENCY, TRAINING & RESEARCH S.A.PARTICLE SUMMARY and healthcare students, met at the INSTITUTO DE FORMACION EN SEGURIDAD Y EMERGENCIAS (IFISE)

VALKYRIES partners met to carry out the first test of the integration of triage resources in INDRA iSafety, the overall visualisation of the common operational picture, tracking of resources and victims in PARTICLE AWARE, the visualisation of first responders in INDRA Hybrid Twin Lab and the use of the TASSICA triage application, implemeting a fully digital triage process

The tests began with the setting up of the improvised command and control station, consisting of computers, a 4G network, a TV screen to display the monitoring of the SIGRUN part and the ISafety dashboard that shared triage data.

Incident Information

The TASSICA application, designed for the main user, was used to perform triage much faster and send it to the command post to perform actions related to triage and patient distribution.

All tools were integrated into SIGRUN, based on the AWARE tool developed by PARTICLE, so that emergency information and actions could be visualised at all times, making it easier and faster for the incident commander to manage the emergency.

Victims Registration and Location
Victim Transportation: asset tracking

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