PARTICLE Products and Services

PARTICLE is developing trusted and secure solutions for security and defence, enabling efficient data exchange and private digital communications enabling situational awareness and team synchronisation.

Awards and Recognitions

NATO has recognised the “outstanding work and significant scientific contribution” of the NATO IST-150 group (“NATO Core Services profiling for Hybrid Tactical Networks”).

Marco Manso, a member of the IST-150 from PARTICLE-Summary, was part of the editorial team and has contributed to the IST-150 experimentation work on information exchange over tactical networks using message broker systems. Several papers were also published as part of this work.

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R&D Projects

PARTICLE is active in introducing innovations into the market

Smart and Connected High-Density Sensor Networks

PARTICLE is involved in the deployment of the highest density sensor network dedicated to monitor seismic activity in Portugal. The network will be constituted by hundreds of sensors in the region of Évora. It will monitor strong seismic activity in real-time, allowing the generation of live shake maps. Importantly, the network is expected to: Enhance the knowledge on the characterisation of the seismic activity in the region through high-resolution mapping of clusters and faults; 2) Create an organised database populated with live data from the high-density seismic network; 3) Rapid assess ground shaking movements (e.g., earthquake); 4) Improve geohazard assessments.